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Garage Door Doesn’t Open All The Way

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A broken garage door can cause a major delay, especially if you’re already running a few minutes behind. A broken garage door should not be ignored as it is not only an inconvenience but also a safety issue. It makes your house easy to break into. If your garage door won’t open all the way, you must always tackle it immediately.

There are common reasons as to why your garage door doesn’t open all the way up. But before you run a diagnosis, ensure your safety first.

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Safety tip: Garage doors are massive structures that can often cause serious injuries if repairs are attempted unprofessionally or with a lack of know how. Keep the garage door instruction manual handy before attempting any diagnosis or repair and follow the instructions properly. It is also advised that only a professional should attempt to repair your garage door.

If you are wondering “why won’t my garage door open all the way?”, don’t worry, in this article, we will cover the reasons behind this problem and the possible solution (note that the repair should be done by a professional technician only)

This problem is common with old garage doors or with garage doors that have not been installed properly. By ensuring regular cleaning and greasing of garage doors, springs and hinges, this problem can be avoided. 

Problem with The Garage Door Balance

The overall garage door balance is one of the most common reasons why your garage door is facing opening problems. If the lack of balance is not tackled immediately, it can jam the garage door which will require you to replace the whole door and the mechanism. This can be fixed by disconnecting the garage door from the automatic opener and then checking the door balance. The door should be able to be pulled up or down easily by hand. Pull the garage door down half way and check and check if it is hanging in balance with the springs. If the garage door falls down, it means that the problem is with the balance which is why the garage door won’t go up. This requires rebalancing or replacement of the springs. Call a professional to tackle this problem effectively.

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Problem with The Travel and Force Limits

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Once you’ve checked the balance and that looks okay, if the garage door won’t open fully again, the problem may be with the travel and force limits. This is one of the safety features of automatic garage doors and if this malfunctions, the garage door may have problems in opening or closing. The travel and force limits are safety features indicate your garage door to travel the expected distance then force it to open and close. These limits are usually set at the time of installation and if they fall out or get unaligned over time, they can cause opening and closing problems with your garage door. The garage door instruction manual has all that you should know about this feature. You must call a technician to safely realign these settings.

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