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Garage Doors Maintenance Checklist

Your garage is an important extension of your home that keeps your valuable belongings safe from the outside world. Not only does it keep your car, an expensive investment of yours, safe and sound, it is often used as a storage place for your costly tools and appliances. Regular garage door maintenance will help it stay in excellent condition, which in turn can prevent serious injuries and property damage. Hindsight is 20-20, but foresight is much more useful.

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Using our many years of garage door repair experience, we developed some garage door maintenance tips that every house owner should know. They are easy to perform, you do not require any special equipment, and your garage door will serve you much longer for them.

Here are 7 simple steps for garage doors maintenance:

  1. Listen and Observe
    You are more likely to find a growing problem if you are on the lookout for it, and your eyes and your ears are the best tools for the job. Visually inspect your doors: do they have obvious faults? Wooden garage doors are an undeniably elegant choice, but remember they can chip and crack under the influence of water. Steel garage doors on the other hand, can rust, which means they will need priming, sanding, and repainting over time.Even when the garage door problem is not visible you can often hear that something is wrong. Does your garage door make any squeaking or scraping noises? Do you hear a rattling when you are operating it? for more common garage door problems please refer to this article.
  2. Screw It!
    Every garage door is exposed to constant movement while it is operating. Vibrations can loosen up bolts and brackets, and tightening those up is the most common garage door maintenance trick that every house owner can perform independently.
  3. Clean It!
    Excessive dirt can be one of the reasons your garage door can break down or get stuck. Wash the door at least once a month with water and a cloth; this also includes getting rid of debris on the tracks to make sure there is nothing obstructing movement. Always stay safe and make sure that you stay away from automatic parts that are connected to electricity!
  4. Lubricate Moving Parts
    Do not forget to lubricate metal parts like the guide tracks, springs, hinges, and the opener chain. The operation of the garage door over time will wear these parts down, and much like a bicycle chain, you have to make sure that this does not happen. Lubrication of these components should be done at least two to four times every year in order for the garage door to always maintain its performance.
  5. The Best Way to Prevent a Problem is to Predict It
    If you have noticed that one of the parts has to be replaced, do not hesitate. It is much more cost-effective to prevent an issue the moment it occurs, than to wait until the problem escalates and potentially spreads to other parts of your garage door.
  6. Add Weatherstripping
    Weatherstripping is an essential part of any garage door, as it is the best way to keep dirt and debris from outside of your home from getting indoors. If your garage is equipped with a wooden door without a weatherstripping, it is a good practice to add one.
    Make sure that the weatherstrip is not brittle, and replace it without delay if you find any damage. If this is not an option for you, alternative methods like sealing or painting it will work as well.
  7. Review Your Manual
    Garage doors are not rocket science, but we still highly recommend that you have a look at the manual. On top of useful information about the installation, many manufacturers provide great garage door maintenance advice specific to your brand of door.

Hire a Professional to Do Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance tips are very handy at preventing your garage door from premature wear, but keep in mind that any major adjustments like replacing a door or working with its electrical parts may require the assistance of a garage door technician.

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