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Garage Door Repair Thornhill

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Looking for the right service provider for your needed garage door opener installation? You never have to go far because you are in the right hands right here, the First Responders Inc. Repairs. We offer the best services, the best people, and the right tools to make every service as easy and fast as anyone wants it to be. And it gets better. We have local experts to do the job so if what you need is somewhere between expedite or an emergency service. Without hesitation, we guarantee just about what you need when it comes to installation of your garage door opener.

Garage door Services we provide in Thornhill:

  • Replacement of broken spring
  • Door problems opening or closing
  • Replacement of broken cable or re-hook the existing cable
  • Extension spring conversion to torsion spring
  • Garage door balance or tune up
  • Broken hinge, broken opener
  • Track replacements & strip gear
  • Photo eye sensor alignment or replace
  • New garage opener installations
  • Sale of opener 1/2HP or 3/4HP belt or chain drive

Installing a garage door opener is no simple task, but with the right people and tools, it can be a little less difficult. Here, we guarantee that our people know their stuff. All you have to do is confirm a service and we will be on our way in no time. And we do it with caution because we don’t want you to spend more on something that you actually do not need. We make sure that we do the installation right the first time, so there would be no problem with the functions of your door opener and hence the garage door.

Garage Door Repair Thornhill

Before installation, we make sure that the springs are working as well as all the other parts of your garage door in Thornhill. This will guarantee that the installation of the opener will restore the overall performance of the door. We also test the door for functionality, which will also guarantee the function of another internal part—the torsion spring. If upon release, the door simply continues to move up or down, then the spring needs replacement as well before the garage opener should be replaced. Basically, we get to the core of the problem before we do the installation so as to keep the installation the last procedure that our clients would have to deal with in restoring the functions of the door.

Once the tests are done, we now move on with the main service and that is installation of the opener. Of course, we make sure that the part we will install is the perfect part for your door. For single doors, 1/3 horsepower is a recommended choice. Sometimes though, this part can be a little difficult to find so it would be better to get the ½ horsepower. This same power can be used on double doors and ¾ horsepower will be the best for heavier types of doors like wooden or wood accented garage doors. We also take care of the rest of the tools and materials needed like an industrial grade angle bar that will hold the opener in place.

With our high-quality service and local experts, there is no reason for you to search further or look any longer for someone to take care of your garage door opener installation. Here at First Responders Inc. Repairs, we have just about anything you need in no time so why settle for anything less?

For the best garage door repair service in Thornhill, contact our experts at Garage door repairs. We will visit your garage door and repair it within minutes of time-saving you money and effort. Visit our HomeStars reviews in Thornhill for more customer testimonials.

Garage Door Repair Thornhill

Garage Door Repair Thornhill

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