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Garage Door Size: Know What’s Right for Your Property

A garage is an essential feature for most homes. In fact, more than half of all new houses built have two-car garages incorporated in their design and structure. Choosing the right garage door size is an important part of your garage design and construction. We have narrowed down the factors to keep in mind when buying the right size garage door. 

This guide is specifically for the homeowner who needs help selecting the correct size for their property. If you’re a business owner, however, check out our commercial garage door guide here.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Garage Door Size Anyway?

Having the right garage door size is a given for most homeowners. But that’s only because you never consider having the wrong size garage door. However, knowing the right garage door size for your property is important, especially if you’re building a custom garage. The right garage door

  • protects your vehicles from the weather 
  • provides protection from crime and auto theft
  • increases the market value of your property
  • adds curb appeal
  • protects the items you store in your garage
  • prevents mould, mildew, and other unwanted growths

It goes without saying that houses with existing garages have less flexibility than custom homes when it comes to the size of the garage door.Consulting with a garage door installation specialist will help you choose the right size.

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Deciding Your Garage Door Size

Whether you want to install a metal or wood garage, you need to consider a few things. Before you buy your custom garage door, think about the following features:

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Standard Garage Door Sizes

Today, the average garage is made much larger than before. In the past, standard garage doors were made to fit one family car. Today, however, most garages are made to store multiple and bigger vehicles. Garage door brands nowadays design garage door in different sizes to fit various garage entries. Mostly, garage doors range between 2.4 to 6.1 metres (8-20 feet) wide and 2.1 to 2.4 metres (7-8 feet) in height.

Single Garage Doors Vs. Double Garage Doors

Single door styles are made for one or multiple-vehicle holding garages. However, over 60% of modern home designs have double-sized garages. When choosing a double garage door size, it’s important to measure the size of your garage as well as the garage door opening size. The rough opening includes an additional six to seven centimetres around the garage frame.

Garage Door Frames

Pre-existing garages already have the framework in place so it can be more limiting to choose the right door size. While it is easier to decrease the size of your garage door on an existing structure, it is often more work than it is worth to increase the door size. On the other hand, custom-built homes allow more flexibility in the size of the garage door.

The reason for having a rough measurement is ensuring easy movement when the door opens and closes. You don’t want your garage door to get stuck when you use it, but if it does, you need a garage door repair.

Measuring Your Garage Door Size

Before installing a new garage door, you must measure the garage space first to ensure you get the proper size.  When measuring for your new garage door size, you will need to measure the 

  • height and width of your garage
  • clearance above for the tracks
  • headroom between the garage door frame and top of your vehicle

A garage is an essential part of the home. The correct garage door will protect your property while adding to the aesthetic and market value of your home. If you need further assistance in selecting the right garage door size, contact a professional garage door company. An expert’s opinion will spare you the trouble of having a garage door that doesn’t fit and dealing with the hassle of installing a new one.

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