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Garage Door Stuck Open / Jammed

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When your garage door keeps getting stuck going up or down, it can add a lot of frustration to your day. There are several reasons why this happens. When troubleshooting your overhead door, always keep safety in mind. Garage doors weigh between 150 to over 400 pounds. Trying to fix a garage door that gets stuck going up or down can result in serious injury. Before troubleshooting the problem, disconnect the power to the garage opener first. It is recommended to work with a partner, practise all safety procedures, and call a professional who has the equipment and knowledge to repair your overhead door jam.

Dirt on Tracks

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It is easy for dirt and debris to get on the tracks and block the overhead door from moving up or down. Perhaps a twig, leaves, or other external debris is clogging the tracks. A shovel, broom, or other tool could have fallen on the tracks causing a blockage so the garage door gets stuck when you try to move it. Cleaning the tracks and removing all obstacles could solve your problem.

Warped or Uneven Tracks

With the amount of weight that runs up and down the frame daily, it is not uncommon for the tracks to warp or get uneven. Once the tracks warp or become uneven, the garage door won’t go up or down fully. If the tracks are the issue, contact a professional overhead door installer to straighten the tracks.
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Rollers Need Lubricating


Rollers run along the tracks as the door moves up and down. To keep them moving smoothly so the garage door won’t get stuck, they need ample lubrication. Dust, dirt, and regular wear can clog the oil so the rollers cannot move smoothly along the tracks. To stop the garage door from getting jammed, lubricate the rollers so they will glide evenly without sticking.

Cables are Loose or Broken

If the cables supporting your overhead door while it moves up and down the tracks become loose or break completely, your garage door will get stuck going up. Contact a service professional to tighten or replace the faulty cables.


Torsion Spring is Broken

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The torsion spring supports the weight of the door. It is a thick, metal coil that uses a lot of tension when the overhead door goes up and down. If the spring breaks, your garage door won’t go up or down. It is not advisable to fix the spring yourself because the highly tense, metal coil can cause serious injury. If your torsion spring breaks, contact First Responders to replace the spring.

A garage door getting jammed can be a real inconvenience but it does not have to completely disrupt your day. At First Responders, we can fix your door issues quickly so you can be on your way. We have years of experience in overhead door installation and repair. We offer same day service at competitive prices. Contact us today for all your garage door maintenance are repair needs.

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